Asciidoctor: Placing Images Within Lists

A nice little feature that isn’t made quite clear in Asciidoctor’s nice and comprehensive user manual is the ability to place images in the middle of lists. Lists Asciidoctor lists can be either ordered or unordered and are created like so: And Images Asciidoctor images can be added using the macro: Why Not Both? Trying… Continue reading Asciidoctor: Placing Images Within Lists

Comfortably Screaming Architecture

I’ve recently re-read Uncle Bob‘s Screaming Architecture blog post. Second pass The first time I read that post I was fairly new to professional programming, so my reaction was docile; “Sounds good” I thought to myself, and figuratively nodded in agreement. Reading it once more I found that I still agree with the case but… Continue reading Comfortably Screaming Architecture