Registering new Spring beans in Grails during runtime

Sit down, son; This talk’s been a long-time comin’.
There may come a day when you find yourself having to register a new Spring bean during runtime of a Grails application.
I’m gonna show you a method that’s been passed down in our family for generations.

First, get hold of a reference to the GrailsApplication bean; You can’t register no new beans if you ain’t got access to the boss-man.


import org.springframework.beans.factory.config.ConstructorArgumentValues
import org.springframework.beans.MutablePropertyValues


//Create a definition for the new bean
def beanDef = new GenericBeanDefinition(beanClass: NewBeanClass, 
    autowireMode: AbstractBeanDefinition.AUTOWIRE_BY_NAME)

//Provide the bean with any arguments required by the constructor
def argumentValues = new ConstructorArgumentValues()

//Set additional properties such as references to other Spring beans
def propertyValues = new MutablePropertyValues()
propertyValues.add('booleanSwitch', true)

//Register the new definition
grailsApplication.mainContext.registerBeanDefinition('newBeanClass', beanDef)

If y’all use some high-and-mighty IDE like Intellij IDEA, you may notice that the registerBeanDefinition method isn’t recognized by the mainContext.
This is because GrailsApplication exposes the main context with the interface of org.springframework.context.ApplicationContext, but it’s actually an instance of GrailsWebApplicationContext so this method is in fact accessible and it’s all legit.


2 thoughts on “Registering new Spring beans in Grails during runtime

  1. Why did you not use the Grails BeanBuilder with the associated DSL support for registering the bean? Just curious … I’m trying to do the same thing and it appears to be the officially sanctioned way of doing it.

  2. You’re right and I intended to use it but it didn’t fit at the time; to tell the truth, I can’t recall why.
    You should definitely use the BeanBuilder if you can.

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