Comfortably Screaming Architecture

I’ve recently re-read Uncle Bob‘s Screaming Architecture blog post. Second pass The first time I read that post I was fairly new to professional programming, so my reaction was docile; “Sounds good” I thought to myself, and figuratively nodded in agreement. Reading it once more I found that I still agree with the case but… Continue reading Comfortably Screaming Architecture

Disable the Optimus discrete graphics GPU in Ubuntu using bbswitch

I’ve recently made the mistake of purchasing the Asus K56VM laptop. I call this purchase a mistake because as well as an excellent spec (3rd gen. i7 processor, excellent screen), this laptop also comes with nvidia’s Optimus graphic card setup. In case you’re not familiar with the Optimus setup, it basically means that your laptop… Continue reading Disable the Optimus discrete graphics GPU in Ubuntu using bbswitch

Registering new Spring beans in Grails during runtime

Sit down, son; This talk’s been a long-time comin’. There may come a day when you find yourself having to register a new Spring bean during runtime of a Grails application. I’m gonna show you a method that’s been passed down in our family for generations. First, get hold of a reference to the GrailsApplication… Continue reading Registering new Spring beans in Grails during runtime

Fight Crime with GPG

Originally posted on Blog @Bintray:
So you deliver your awesome library to hundreds of users each day, but they’re a tough bunch and they’re all like: “Hey man, we gotta see some ID” So you kneel to the whims of the rabble; you generate your GPG key pair and sign each artifact you deliver, because…

Validating MongoDB’s DBRefs

As discussed on this SO question. Ref Marks The Spot For various reasons MongoDB doesn’t support joins, but documents can be linked using DBRefs. For example, we’d like to build a relation between space ships and crew members. Our ships document looks like: And our crew document looks like: We link Capt. Mal to his… Continue reading Validating MongoDB’s DBRefs

Announcing the Gradle REST Plugin

Update: This plugin has seen some improvements since I posted this. I’ve recently implemented a new, very simple but very useful Gradle plugin. the – GRADLE REST PLUGIN TA DA!!! Gradle is the build tool of the future, man, and that’s no secret; I build with Gradle when I possibly can. I faced a situation… Continue reading Announcing the Gradle REST Plugin